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When Help is Needed

Signals that you and your family or someone you know may need help and support:

* You and/or your child are feeling overwhelmed, hopeless, angry or frustrated with a situation that just cannot seem to be resolved.

* School teachers, counselors and/or social workers have expressed concerns about your child's well-being or disruptive behavior that you and your   current support system and resources cannot seem to fix.

* Crying, acting out or expressing intense sadness or grief over identity, adoption, attachment, birth family, abandonment, teasing, etc.

* Concerns for your family and your children during a difficult family separation, divorce or blended family situation.

* Excessive anxiety or increased levels of outburst and oppositional behavior between you and your child.

* Increased sadness or isolation from peers and social setting

* You are experiencing addiction, co-dependency, abuse, or trauma in your life past or present.

* Life is no longer bearable the way things are and everyone who is involved would benefit from new tools and techniques for managing the situation.